Dr. Rafael Misoczki is a Cryptographer at Meta. His areas of expertise are post-quantum cryptography (PQC), fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), privacy enhancing technologies (PET), conventional cryptography, and the application of these constructions to various use cases.

Previously, he was a Cryptographer at Google, where he was a maintainer of Google’s cryptography library Tink and the lead of storage encryption projects. He was a member of the ISE-Crypto team, responsible for reviewing and approving the usage of cryptography in any products and infrastructure for Alphabet, and member of the PQC workgroup, responsible for the migration of the company to post quantum cryptography.

Prior to that, he was a Research Scientist (cryptography) at Intel Labs, where he created Intel’s cryptography library TinyCrypt, and led the post quantum cryptography agenda for the company.

He has 40+ US patents filed, 20+ scientific papers published, and his publications have 1,000+ citations. He is an active contributor to international standardization efforts on cryptography:

He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Sorbonne Universités (University of Paris - Pierre et Marie Curie), France, in 2013, with a thesis on efficient constructions for post-quantum cryptography. He also holds a MSc. degree in Electrical Engineering and a BSc. degree in Computer Science from University of São Paulo, Brazil.